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John Fowler Holidays have over fifty years experience in the family park holiday business and booking online at couldn’t be easier. John Fowler Holiday Parks are located in the South West of the UK, the an extensive range of holiday homes and parks in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. John Fowler Holidays have decades of experience in what families want from a UK park holiday, and that is born out by fact that a high proportion of their holiday park guests keep returning year after year. Booking a 2010 or 2011 offer online at couldn’t be easier thanks to their easy to use booking system, and great value offers.

Why book with John Fowler Holidays? Price and value for money is key in 2010, so the John Fowler price watch scheme ensures all prices for accommodation, drinks and meals are kept low. Kids meals are half price, and everything is included in the price of your holiday, so no hidden extras. Park holidays booked at come with a free cancellation plan that means you will not be liable to pay for the balance of the rental costs, if you have to cancel prior to your holiday because of serious injury, illness, death, jury service or redundancy. This plan applies to the person making the booking and any member of your party. This is only available online, and if you have to cancel after the balance is paid, you can get that returned. The deposit, curretly £30 cannot be returned.

Enough of the doom and gloom of cancelling holidays! allows you to book a wide choice of accommodation online, from holiday caravans, to apartments, cottages, villas, and lodges. They also have a couple of parks with pitches for your own touring caravan or tent. All their accommodation is maintained to a high standard, and have bathrooms, and well equiped kitchens. The price you pay for your John Fowler Holiday also includes the cost of linen for oyur holiday. Most people would think this normal, but not all parks do!

Entertainment is available on all John Fowler parks, with most offering superb entertainment throughout the evening for all of the family. Check the individual park details for what is non offer inters of kids clubs and activities, but the chances are that you’ll be down at the beach for quite a lot of the time, soaking up the sun and scenerey of the South West.

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Rating: 4.2/10 (37 votes cast), 4.2 out of 10 based on 37 ratings If is not for you, check out all of the holiday parks from John Fowler Holidays just click on this link .

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  1. Jodi says:

    We stayed at combe martin beach holiday park and what a let down that was.
    The pool wasnt open, theres not much in the way of entertainment, the entire park looks liike its falling down, its just really old looking and damp in the chalet we stayed in, furniture seemed to be from a car boot sale.

    The only saving grace was the bar, the drinks are not cheap but the two barmen are worth there weight in gold.
    The hubby says they are the only reason to go back, the banter between the two was far better then the enterainment that was advertised.

    Neil was so funny and for me, the australian guy Chris was the one reason id go back, oh that accent, best thing about the site !

    After talking to other guests we all said the same thing, fix whats broken, get rid of the managment problem and get the barmen to run the site, they are the only saving grace.

  2. Emma Castle says:

    We stayed at John Fowler Brixham. It was very nice. The site was very good, clean and tidy and the caravan was very nice. The swimming pool was lovely and the facilities are very good. The cliff top walk near the site is beautiful and well worth doing. The views are glorious. We shall be returning in 2011 for another great short break. Most enjoyable.

  3. George d says:

    Over the years we have used among others,Haven & Park Holidays & thought we would give John Fowler a try. After looking at the website & brochure we booked online in January for the Sandaway bungalow at Sandaway Beach as we fancied an “upgrade” from the usual caravan for our August 14th holiday – BIG MISTAKE!. After an 8 hour trek from the Midlands we were confronted by the reality. The park was a dump to put it mildly. We parked outside what we thought was a storage shed but it turned out to be the “bungalow”! It stank of ‘wet dog’ and the heating had been turned up to 27 degrees C, possibly in an attempt to dry it – out even though the windows were shut. It was in a general poor state of repair. We immediately went back to reception (which still smelled of cigarette smoke)& told them we were not happy with the condition of it. We were offered alternative accommodation at Ilfracombe Holiday Park, but that turned out to be just as bad. The only other alternative accommodation was at Perran Sands – over 3 hours away – so we decided to stay put. We eventually cut short our 7 night holiday after only 2 nights & returned home £760 poorer, but a lot wiser. We will NEVER go on another John Fowler holiday

  4. Steve Smith says:

    we stayed at the john fowler ilfracombe site in a single room apartment, basic but what more do you want when on holiday, as for the site, superb, very clean, club was very good and as for the restaurant across the road, fantastic value for money and lovely food, i would and have reccommended this site to others.

  5. ward peter and christine says:

    we have just returned from perran view holiday park perranporth and would like to say we will not be returning there in the future, on entering our chalet we were confronted with the smell of dogs, cobwebs abounded in every nook and cranny and you couldnt see through the dirty windows,the fire alarm and expelair were hanging by a thread and both were very dirty.the furniture was so low and worn out we had to sit on the kitchen chairs when we were at the chalet which was not often.The floors were still dirty from the previous occupants there .was rice under the bin when we took out the bin bag to empty it and the crockery ie teacups were all dirty and stained. if it hadnt been for our daughter living close by in redruth and expecting her second child we would have evacuated the premises much earlier. the management needs to get there finger out if they expect clean living people with no animals to frequent their sites.

  6. baxters says:

    we went to woolacombe in 2008 it was amazing the caravan space was a bit small for 3 adults and 1 16 year old so weree going to widemouth bay this time

  7. sandra walton says:

    One to be avoided, just returned from Sandy Glade Burnham on sea,the site was clean and tidy staff seen sweeping pavements the chalet cornflower gold was described as recently refurbished in brochure it was in poor condition. The sink unit in kitchen area looked as if it was from homes under the hammer,the foul pipe in bathroonm had a plastic bag stuffed in it apart from the hole left were other pipes had been removed. The other furniture was decidedly grubby. there was never anyone at the reception which is situated by the bar and the bar staff did not want to know, it was nothing to do with them they only worked behind the bar. The evening entertainment was poor the main theme was mainley about Aaron James the senior managers sexuality, he did advise the children would not understand he seemed to enjoy advertising himself it was quite boring. On leaving I requested a comment form and was offered a scrap of paper, after explaining about the wrong information in brochure and the poor accommondation Nicole the receptionist said that it was nothing to do with the staff and I needed to contact the printer all the staff are there only to keep the site tidy .Do the managment not check there information is correct.They need to send staff on a customer care course

  8. Irene Wright says:

    The above letter from Sandra could easily have been written by myself.I to was there with my mother and sister from the 21st May – 28th May in the Camellia chalet.On arriving there was dogs barking everywhere and running about off their leads.In my bedroom the duvet was dirty and looked as if it hadn’t been washed for months (at least!!).When I complained about this at the reception I asked for a complaints form.Four times I asked in a matter of 5 minutes and each time the receptionist changed the subject.In the end she just gave me a scrap of paper and told me to right my complaint down.It was eventually sorted out with clean linen but during the week I came across many things that I could have complained about.The shelf in the bathroom was rusty and dirty and the toilet door would not close properly.That meant when we cooked in the kitchen the toilet door was always open which surely is a health and safety matter.The camp itself was quite clean but there was a lot of dog mess about.Surely if you allow dogs on the site then the owners must be expected to clean their mess up.Had I been aware of so many dogs allowed I would not have considered booking here.I will not be going again.

  9. Tara says:

    I to have just returned from sandy glade and the chalet was definitely not what was described in the brochure. It looked like it was trapped in a timewarp from the 70’s everything was brown, none of the funiture matched there were random chairs everywhere it looked like a storage room. There was mould on the sofa bed and the curtains, there were holes in the ceiling, the bedlinen we were given was stained, the shower was ridiculously small the two guys with us could not shower as the couldn’t fit. plus the hot water only ran for 5 mins at a time then you had to wait 20mins for it to heat up as we had a shared boiler with the block of chalets that was only if another chalet never had a shower. we had a severe ant infestion which when i complained about they gave me ant killer to kill them myself. Then the next day the receptionist was making jokes about the ants, they were all over the bedrooms and kitchen. When i complained about all these problems, they told me they were fully booked and had nowhere to move us, they also stated that they had never recieved complaints about their accomodation. We found they had recieved complaints when talking to other guests. Does anybody know where to complain to?

  10. Mrs G Saundry says:

    I must say that I was rather surprised to read the above letter. In May we spent 4 days at Bude, and found it most delightful, and could not complain about anything at all, Only problem was that it was up a steep slope and very dificult for a wheelchair. but the site it self was 10/10
    Kind Regards
    4 satisfide customers

  11. a h smith says:

    We have just spent four days at St Ives in a bungalow not fit for perpose cob webs every where pubic hairs in wc bits all over the carpet faetus stains in wc windows you could not see out of.heater hanging of the wall the other heater not working bed damp shards of glass on unit and many other problems to many mention.

  12. Mrs S Johnson says:

    We stayed at St Ives Holiday Village. I don’t usually complain but I can’t even say it was value for money. We booked for a week and went home two days early. The Woodland chalet was extremely dirty and very basic. The furniture, sofa bed and carpets were filthy the TV did not work. We couldn’t see through the windows because they were so dirty. There was bird mess all over the windows and the patio. It was so dark in the chalet because of the dirt trees, we had to have the lights on during the daytime. There were spiders and cobwebs outside,all round the doors and windows. The pool area did not look at all clean. We took one look at the restraurant and left. This is definately NOT the place to stay and I will not choose to holiday anywhere with this company again.

  13. nicala chidlow says:

    st ives holiday village….sun holiday!!!!! even i would go has far to say that was to much money spent!!!!!!! …… dirty windows…. furniture from a charity shop sale!!!!!!! beds my beach towel layed across a pebbled beach would have been a more comfortable night sleep………but guess the seagulls on roof with babies…….and the mouse running across the front room floor are more than happy with the accommadation……..never again

  14. TED ROGERS says:


  15. Michael Richardson says:

    Just returned from John Fowler Holiday Village St Ives what a mess this place should be demolished health and safety would have a field day !!!!dont go… how this company gets away with this is a disgrace!!!!!!!!see all above and i think they are all being very kind in there reviews …a total disgrace……!!!!!!

  16. Rebecca Hembling-Kerr says:

    We stayed at St Ives Holiday park Cornwall, Oakleigh Chalet……………where to start

    Having read all the terrible comments on trip advisor, i rang head office and the park to ask about all the issues that others had complained about, i was assured both times that alot of effort/money had gone into the park and that we would have a lovely time!! It was like stepping back to the seventies

    Are accommadation was a glorified shed, over looked by, what only can be described as a forest, you couldn’t tell if it was day or night.

    There was 7 of us, far to cramped in the 4 man accommadation.

    All though we had plenty of hot water, it was either hot OR cold, the electric shower or mixer tap in bathroom, wasn’t able to do both, so taking a shower was a very long process for 7 people.

    The restaurant, which thankfully we didn’t eat in, was ridiculously overpriced and looked like a greasy roadside cafe.

    We also didn’t risk the swimming pool, although we didn’t see it ourselves, the comments from other guests were enough to put us off.

    The “shed” lacked storage space, a few shelves and some coat hooks on the doors, would have made a massive improvement.

    The entertainment for the children was good but very lacking for the adults from 9pm onwards
    Having said that, the staff were very friendly and provided us with a grill pan and extra blankets on request

    All though the place smelt of damp, we had no issues with it being dirty and all the kitchen appliances were in good working order, however we did lose the use of our tv for 2 days

    Having read comments on trip advisor, on here and the other guests on our holiday, i do think that our experiance wasn’t to bad

    But we wouldn’t go back and nor would we stay at any other John Fowler Holiday Parks

  17. lorraine middleton says:

    just returned from holiday at sandy glade,nothing like advertised,the chalet was total let down,burnt worktop in kitchen,new window just replaced in bedroom,still had putty all round edges loose window catch where my granddaughter was suppose to sleep,would not let her sleep in there.the list goes on,foot missing off settee shower from the sixties,cooker wire held up with a screw in hook an absolute discrace,and to top it all paying hundreds of pounds,when neighbours payed less than hundred plus tokens from paper what a joke,also got 20 minutes at pool had to come out,as to much chlorine in pool will never ever stay at john fowler park again. total discrace.

  18. emma smith says:

    went to sandy glade holiday park in april i thought the park was lovely the staff were really nice it was nice to see the cleaners always around. evening entainerment was very good will be goin there again in october and again next year.

  19. adrian king says:

    We stayed at Tolroy St Ives in the first week of August in a 2 bed chalet. It smelt very strongly of mould and all furniture,carpets,curtains and bedding was damp.There is something fundementally wrong with the construction allowing damp through the floor.I strongly advise you not to take a chance and book a holiday there as you will be upset and disapointed.We left a day early.
    I have to say though that the staff we met were very good.

  20. Jane and John Howard says:

    We use to to go to this holiday camp EVERY year. A couple ran it for more than 50 years ! Jenny and Alan as I recall. They were always very particular about cleanliness and problems were sorted out almost immediately. The entertainment was fair, the bar VERY busy ( 5 deep at the bar in those days and people buying drinks by the tray full ) and a lovely family atmosphere. I admit, we loved it ! Towards the end of their time their, we noticed a definate decline inlevels of cleanliness, the decor becoming increasingly grubby and dated as it was repaired and repaired again ! We stopped going when the chalets began to feel uncomfortable to stay in. Bits and peices breaking, smelly beds and grubby bathrooms. And a team of staff who were no where near as conscientious as its previous owners had been ! Needless to say, we stopped going some years ago but the decor and fittings, unbelievably, is just the same ! ? Such a shame, the place is only a shell of what was once a wonderful family run and family orientated holiday park.

  21. Terence Dite says:

    Trelawne Gardens! Filthy chalet. 8 photos available for evidence. Letter of complaint sent to Ilfracombe on our return. ARE THEY BOTHERED, are they heck as like. Unsigned and terse letter of acknowledgement received, “will investigate and respond in 28 days”. They must be used to this sort of thing and couldn’t really give a monkeys, and from the reviews this must be the norm for John Fowler Holiday Parks. But the matter is not over with yet. Potential next move to BBC Watchdog. But John Fowler? never again.

  22. Lucy says:

    We have just returned from a weekend stay at widemouth bay park, and I must say it was the best holiday I’ve been on in a while. Nothing bad to say what so ever! Pool very nice, very warm. My children loved the foxy club, couldn’t wait to get to the club house every night to dance and see the characters.

    We stayed in a lovely caravan, very clean and tidy. The shower was wonderful, better than my shower at home!!

    Will defiantly be returning to this park again

  23. Mrs Hodgkins says:

    We have returned today from Sandy glades in Burnham and all I can say is that its a lovely site, fantastic facilities and Aaron James and the crew we’re fantastic.

    I was dubious about the area when we booked because I have bad experiences of neighbouring Brean (Due to the last time I spent an evening there I was greeted by drunk people fighting outside the motel I stayed at). After spending 4 days there I have booked again for October for my husband and myself.

    The swimming pool is clean and we enjoyed taking our niece and nephew daily. The staff were friendly, fun and were brilliant with my 2 year old niece and teenage nephew. The entertainment was top rate and even though we didn’t really participate it was just nice to watch.

    The chalet was basic however it was clean and I think for a short break I couldn’t really ask for more. I have been to Haven, Butlins etc before and I have found the places to be full of louts where as I am happy to say that I did not find the same for Sandy Glade.

    Definite top marks keep up the good work. (For the person who mentioned that the sites entertainment was based on Aaron’s sexuality I have to disagree. He was fun and the kids loved him and I think that the comments previously made we’re quite narrow-minded for the era we live in).

  24. Tammy Robertson says:

    i just came back from cornwall killigarth manor a lovely little village polperro and looe i went with my family i stayed in a caravan with seven people quite luxrious there was three bedrooms very cramped and under my bed was all damp and i must the entertaitment was rubbish except on wednesdays the magic josh was on last year when i went to ilfracrombe the stripeys used to do face-paints compitions and get the kids up and dance but no,back in killigarth manor they didnt even do anything with the kids except when a certain stripey was there like on a sunday and friday stripey amelia they done pass the parcel,and on the friday they done a wordsearch challenge but kids like under 4 might not even be able to do it… so thats just a couple of complaints but the rest of the holiday was amazing thanks for taking your time to read thiss!

  25. Andrea Vaughan says:

    We have just arrived back from our week stay in Tolroy Manor Hoilday Park, Cornwall and am completely disgusted with the cleanliness of the chalet we stayed in and this has ruined our holiday. Soon as we opened the door we instantly smelt a nasty smell of dampness, and where so disappointed and it got worse. The carpets where so dirty and build up of grease, the curtains smelling and feeling of damp. The windows did not look like they had not been cleaned for so long had thick grime build up. The bedding felt damp when you got into the bed. We had slug trails on the carpet every morning. The walls in the bedrooms had mould on them. The bathroom taps where so dirty, had thick dirt around the taps and had green slime in the plug hole. My 3 year old son was sat on the carpet and I noticed what looked like a flee crawl next to his hand, this was appalling. We dreaded coming back every night to our accommodation after spending lovely days at the beach and out from the park. I will be taking this further as this is completely unacceptable to expect people to stay in such awful accommodation. I have no intention of EVER staying in your holiday park again and will be telling everyone on how bad our experience was. The Management and team that work hear should be ashamed of such poor hygiene at there holiday park. No one should be made to stay in these conditions.The facilities you offer are minimal, and the park it self is very run down. Do not book a holiday with this site.

  26. Carly says:

    We have just returned from a long weekend at Widemouth Bay, lovely site caravan was clean and well equiped, the shower was better than my one at home!! All the heaters worked and the staff were friendly and helpful. Would recommend this park and am booking up to go again next year.

  27. amy walsh says:

    I just returned from a visit to john fowlers sandy glade and it was FANTASTIC
    I disagree with the site being untidy because it wasn’t I stayed in a chalet n
    Let me tell. U there wernt many faults the only one was the bathroom sink was
    Small but big enough to was in
    Aaron james is amazing and never fails to make us laugh one of the
    Comments about it was all bout his sexuality I disagree because he
    Only mentioned that once ant tht was when he was singing and let me tell
    U his voice is amazing one of the best singers there is. He is helpfull
    Me and my 5 year old brother was standing at the back waiting for a seat
    And Aaron came up n asked us if we were ok n I said just waiting for a seat
    And he went round looking for one and found is one he did this most nights and he is fabuless with kids.
    Lauren moore was wonderfull with kids and has a wonderful voice
    Debbie was amazing and loves her job u can tell
    The entertainment was good and funny
    Aaron lauren n Debbie r good for the job
    They have diffrent events like pj party n all that I really
    Do recomend this to anyone I LOVED it and go 2 or 3 times a year every year

  28. margaret knight/aaron beresford says:

    we stayed at trelawne manor last june and really enjoyed it aaron enjoyed the foxy club and i loved the bingo, caravan was lovely and clean and staff really helpful , will definitely be staying again with john fowler

  29. Tony Weston says:

    We were supposd to stay for a week at South Bay brixham,the chalet we booked was not of great standard,the television came out of the ark and kept stalling all the time,that when it wanted to work at all.the entertainment consisted of bingo,musical bingo and the stripies playing music all the time,there was no entertainment for children ,when they did make an effort wat was not often is was hide and seek or hiding kiddies shoes.once bingo was over nearly everyone went ,they had a singer one night but there entertainment is not what it describes in brochure .the shower in the chalet did not work properly you either got boiling or no water at all after two days it packed up all together .that was when we decided to leave and paid to go to haven sight which was brilliant ,been to three John fowler sights and they are all the same couldn’t care lees

  30. Peter says:

    Stayed at sandaway beach Combe Martin june2015 filthy caravan carper dirty curtains did not fir dead flies in the window ledges inside filthy shower mould and dirt. Complained and had a cleaner back in who cleaned the shower and toilet but could not do anything about the mould and the cement used to hold the shower in place the air grille what’s black and had never been touched some lights did not work and dead flys in lamp shade fridge rusty and not that cold cooker covered in grease and flaky paint tried to light it once but couldn’t and gave up kettle dirty so was the crockery there was still items from the previous users in the bedroom living room and cupboard in kitchen tried to get moved but told camp fully booked. Sent report on trip advisor then got a standard reply from customer relations pat Jennings offering a discount on a out of season short break at one of there sites. No thanks look at the hundred of complaints the same as mine going back 6years and the same standard reply we are aware of the situation the company have tried to sell some sites and some for housing so you can see there is one real investment there will be the same complaints in 2017 and they will get away selling inferior accomodation

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