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Withernsea Sands holiday park in Withernsea, Humberside is a shopping lover’s paradise! Close to the more than 40 high label fashion stores comprising the Hornsea Freeport, you will no doubt be spending some time perusing the racks and finding some perfect accessories. When you are finished shopping while at Withernsea Sands from Park Resorts, you can stroll along the quaint streets of the lively town to sample some of the local eateries, and even get a dose of history from the museum and lighthouse. Parents and children alike will enjoy a day well spent, but when at Park Resorts you won’t want to spend too much time away from all of the attractions right on the terrace!

Withernsea Sands holiday park boasts a completely family friendly and inviting atmosphere. Park Resorts takes care to ensure that guests of every age and disposition will find activities and possible attractions best suited to their own tastes. The little ones will have a ball at Sparky’s Krew kid’s club, where they can have their faces painted and spend the day scrambling among the playground.  Teens will appreciate that at Withernsea Sands from Park Resorts they will be able to mix it up with their own peers at the lounge to get together for a relaxed chat over a game of darts or pool, or watching a featured film. Parents will find respite in a quiet evening all to themselves over a fine meal at Park Resort’s extravagant restaurant. Yet everyone will be thrilled with the nightly entertainment to be served up on the stage, with everything from cabaret shows, visiting bands, and even costumed characters to delight the children!

The stunning indoor pool at Withernsea Sands holiday park is always available should you choose to stay in instead of hitting the nearby golden sands. There are plenty of swimming classes to take part in, and at Withernsea Sands from Park Resorts you can join in on one of the guided snorkelling tours to experience all the wonders waiting for you below the sea! Amid the swirling schools of fish and flounders you will feel at one with the marine life! After a full day of amusements you will no doubt rest easy in one of the superb static caravans supplied by Park Resorts. Fully furnished you will be staying in nothing short of luxury!  At Withernsea Sands from Park Resorts you have boundless possibilities on how to spend your perfect holiday getaway!

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Withernsea Sands Holiday Park, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. sarah says:

    I worked for Withernsea Park Resorts and know how the place is run. There is no authority as most of the staff members employ friends so the jobs are not done to a satisfactory standard.Very bad attittudes.Very ignorant!!! And whom i wouldnt personally allow to clean my toilet. (there is a minoroty of people there who do have standards and do a very good job.)Whilst i was there on many occasions they left the bedding on after the first caravaners had stayed to keep the costs down!(which i never allowed to happen!!!) The cleaners are not given the oppropraite cleaning time, so cutlery may be left unclean.The entertainment is not always on, and the pictures in the brochures are NOT as they seem. There is not much of a park to be honest, a zip wire and that is all. There is no renting of any kind, from go karts to bikes.And the pool is big enought for all of about 10 people!!! I am expressing these opinions as i feel it is unfare of how misleading the web site and brochure are, and feel there are many more places couples and familys would enjoy for a LOT less in price!and recieve better hospitality and respect as a holiday is ment to be care free.

  2. billy1967 says:

    very disapointing. nothing for the kids to do other than a playground which they are bored with very quickly..

    there seems to be no staff on reception that care about any problems you have..

    we got to our caravan which was very nice with its own veranda and outside furniture etc… but when we walked inside we noticed how unclean it was, dirty kitchen floor , crumbs on the worktop and in the fridge and to cap it off there was dirty plates in the cupboard.. (unwashed)..

    there is no security used to check your passes at the arcade/ clubhouse although there was a man in black sat behind reception.. at night the local teenagers would come in the arcade or loiter on the park….

    customers who played on the machines in the arcade that never paid out there winnings where told its not the responsibilty of park resorts as it is run by an outside company..Err whats all that about.

  3. Crooky says:

    Awful. Everything about the place was dirty. The kids entertainer was not interested and did as little as possible. The adult enertainment was so bad it was laughable. The pool was too small and did not seem clean so we had to pay to go to a local leisure centre. There was very little for us or the kids to do. The staff were unpleasant and did not seem to like the guests. It was nothing like the advertisement on the website and we definately will not be going back

  4. AWhitham says:

    Just had a great midweek break camping at Withernsea Sands. We had an electric pitch (BlueBell 4) which was good. Security was helpful as at one point someone else pitched their tent about 1 FOOT from ours and they were told to move! The entertainment was good (we have kids 4 and 7) and the entertainment staff should be congratulated on their enthusiasm. The swimming pool was small but good and clean. The park shop well stocked with essentials you may need.

    To Improve: The BlueBell toilets / shower block should be cleaned and restocked more than once a day. There is no excuse for the state they are in by morning.
    Some of the camping pitches (BlueBell 2 for example) are totally unsuitable for tents (big holes in them which need filling leading to flooding!)
    Perhaps Park Resorts can sort this out!!

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