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Rating: 9.8/10 (10 votes cast)

Every family searches for that perfect retreat at some point in their lives, but the problem is that doing so is often easier said than done. Or at least it was difficult before families began realising just how much Reighton Sands Holiday Park from Haven offers. The location near Filey and along the East Yorkshire coastline offers stunning views and the perfect setting for a relaxing family getaway. You work hard, and your family deserves that midweek break or weekend break everyone is craving.

That kind of break is easier to find than ever thanks to all the offerings of the Reighton Sands Holiday Park from Haven. The park itself features all of the offerings and facilities that young families have come to expect from Haven while the food and sights around town make the holiday even better than most people are prepared for.

With daily entertainment, an array of sports activities, a heated indoor pool, children’s clubs, and luxury accommodations every family that heads her leaves with lasting memories, a relaxed outlook, and a much greater appreciation for what the region has to offer.

Who knew such an affordable and pristine holiday was available so close to home? The best way to define the Reighton Sands Holiday Park from Haven is as a best of both worlds destination. Whether you are an outdoor loving family, want to experience all that the town and coastline has to offer, or are just looking for an opportunity to kick back and relax, it all starts with Haven holidays and especially a trip to Reighton Sands.

Once you add in the comfort and selection of cuisine and entertainment offered at the Mash and Barrel Grill Bar and Café, you will be hard pressed to convince your family to head back home. In fact, most visitors to this stunning destination often end up coming back time and time again.

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Rating: 9.8/10 (10 votes cast)
Reighton Sands Holiday Park , 9.8 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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Reviews for Reighton Sands Holiday Park

  1. hp4u ~ Ian says:

    If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video will be in the millions of words. To see a great video of Haven’s Reighton Sands Holiday Park, and its accommodaton and facilities click here

  2. katherine grieve says:

    Reighton Sands is perfect for families. It is close to loads of fun things to do like Flamingo Land, Scarborough, Whitby, etc etc. The park itself has loads of facilities which will make your stay comfortable, restaurant, chip shop, indoor pool, arcade, bar with evening entertainment, outdoor play area, plus direct access to a small lovely beach. The staff are lovely too and the kids will love the Haven characters!

  3. katherine grieve says:

    This is a smaller haven park which i feel is perfect for families, Its not too big and therefore not too crowded. We loved it here, the staff were lovely, there is loads to do and the kids absolutely loved the evening entertainment. This was our first haven park we visited and are now hooked!

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