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Brean Sands holiday park from in Somerset is set next to 7 miles of golden beach, with the popular attractions of Cheddar Gorge, Wookey Hole, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge near by. L ike all Pontin’s holiday breaks, there are lots of free activities to take part in, and Brean Sands is no exception with 70 free activities including swimming, football, table tennis, line dancing lessons, face painting, and the excellent Pontins Advetureland. As well as these fantastic activities, the Pontins Bluecoats are there to entertain, with live shows, exercise classes, bingo, game shows and much more. The best thing is that they are all included in the price of your holiday. Activities

There’s plenty of things to do for all ages at Brean Sands, with Ponteenies for the little ones, ‘Little Monsters’ for your older kids, and even more activies for ‘The Teens’. The Bluecoats have dedicated teams to get things organised and to make sure that everyone has a great time. According to there are some activities at Brean Sands holiday park that you will have to pay a small amount for, but these are for things such as quad biking, climbing, and abseiling. see for details on what you’ll have to pay for these activities.

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Rating: 4.5/10 (6 votes cast), 4.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings If is not for you, check out all of the holiday parks from Pontins just click on this link

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  1. susan mcvey says:

    I visited pontins last year and i must say it was the worst holiday ever.
    The accomodation was cramped we didn’t have the right utensils.
    It seemed unorganised and the staff were not very helpful.
    I would not recomend this.

  2. jenny gould says:

    ive been going to brean sands,pontins now for 30 years ,first with my chidren and now with grandchildren. its very good value for money chalets are clean and not all crammed in like a caravan park.the entertainment is excellent for the chidren and aduls alike an all round winner for us .

  3. jo says:

    This week i’ve been to pontins with my family it is lovly the rooms was ok 2 nabers left when we was there!!!!! but the rooms wasnt theat bad we have had worse one holiday we went to we ment to go for 2 weeks but we had 3 days and we leaft this is ower 2nd holiday NOT abrurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i hade a chouse bettwen pontins and brean i would chouse brean!!!!!!! might go agen loved the ententament and every thing just the rooms let me down a bit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOUISE says:

    What can i say.. Holiday from hell!!!
    We all got food posoining from the disgusting food along with others there!
    Staff very aggressive and unapologetic. Found cockroaches in calet and ants!
    Bedding filthy and mattreese had holes.
    Do not waste your money going here please do not eat there unless you want to be posoined!!!!
    I have a higher certificate in health and safety so i know what food posoining is. They ship the food in from well we don’t know where.
    To sum up disgusting dirty hell hole!!!

  5. spirit says:

    Don’t listen to all the other reveiws saying very unhelpful things about pontin’s Brean! The chalets are not a bad size considering you’ll be out of them most of the day enjoying all the things on offer! Am looking forward to returning in a few weeks with the children who are so excited to be going back again.we will have a fab time as always!

  6. Tim says:


  7. chloeella says:

    worst holiday ever complete hell hole filthy,disgusting food place needs to be revamped or closed down accomadation crap,too small dirty entertainment rubbish how they can charge people i just dont know x

  8. Ann says:

    My first ever visit to Pontins one word disgusting.
    Having been a supervisor checker on 2 holiday sites in Devon.I can’t see how on earth this was passed for paying customers. The pillows were absoloutely disgusting.along with the cleanliness of the rest of the chalet I dont even think a cleaner had been in but to drop clean bedding off.There was mouldy grapes in the room rubbish under the bed settee and well the shower had to be scrubbed.Because on reflection it looked clean to a untrained cleaner it left a lot to be desired all I can say it was an utter shambles.

  9. Courtney says:

    I am 16 years old and I love Pontins and my family do too. We go every year and have never had a problem. I look at the comments people make about it and laugh because you’re all pathetic. It is the best place for families. The Chalet’s are clean, the entertainment is brilliant and the staff are amazing, including the bluecoats. Last year I even made very good friends with one of them and we are still in contact. Personally I think it is amazing, when I get older I will not hesitate to take my family there. IT IS THE BEST PLACE EVER! Those that post bad comments about it are obviously blind or mentally derranged.

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