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Clacton is an area that is known for hustle, bustle and excitement, but sometimes tourists and families simply need a chance to get away from all the action. That is precisely what has made Orchards Holiday Park from Haven such a popular and memorable holiday spot. While the park is just moments from Clacton it is the exact opposite thanks to the tranquil atmosphere and location right alongside the quiet and quaint Essex village.

What you will find at Orchards Holiday Village is simple. You will have all the access to Haven facilities and activities that people have become used to plus be given the chance to golf, fish on impressive lakes, and take advantage of a number of unique and entertaining sites.Possibly the best part about planning a family holiday is deigning your own itinerary and planning everything that your family will love the most. Explore Clacton-on-Sea, take fencing or archery lessons, dine out at the Mash and Barrel café, or see how many fish you can hook into on the freshwater lakes.

The Orchards Holiday Park from Haven is a world famous resort and destination for a vast array of reasons. The miles of golden sand, pier that is packed with fun and excitement, and proximity to spots such as the Clacton Factory Shopping Village and Jaywick Sands practically guarantees the perfect holiday for any family.
Whether you and your family decide to stay together and enjoy all the outdoor events, choose to separate and enjoy different itineraries or just want to sit back and get away from it all, it often all starts at the Orchards Holiday Park from Haven.

Lie by the beach and work on your town, explore all that Clacton has to offer, enjoy all of the entertainment at the park, and get ready for one of the most memorable holidays that you and your family could ever have.

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Rating: 7.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Orchards Holiday Park , 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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