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Take a break at Butlins’ Minehead Resort and Holiday Park. The best way to recharge for any family is going to be simply getting away from it all, if only for a little while. That is what has made the Butlins Minehead holiday park into such a smash hit for those with children. The family needs to be able to take a weekend break or even a midweek break now and again, but there are so few places to be able to do this at an affordable price. Since the Minehead Resort Holiday Park from Butlins offers so much fun at such a fair price, it is rapidly becoming a family favorite for families all across the UK.

This is one of the best places for children because there is so much high flying action and adventure to be taken up. The Butlins experience really is unlike any pother because the shore side escapes make for fresh air and a relaxed type of fun, even in such an adventure packed environment that features a huge range of activities any family can love. The Minehead holiday park is a particularly good choice since it has kwik cricket, a climbing wall and go karting track that is going to be one action packed adventure for the little ones.

Children grow up faster than any family wants to think about, so making sure that they have treat memories to hold on to is one of the biggest parts of being a great parent. A Butlins holiday park can give a great adventure at such a small price, so there really is no reason not to take up the offers since there are so many options to choose from. All the fun can be had for a terrific bargain that makes everyone happy they decided to come along. With so many things to do in a fun and family filled weekend break, there is bonding time and photos that will last a life time, too.

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Reviews for Minehead Resort Holiday Park

  1. Holiday Parks 4u ~ Ian says:

    If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video will be in the millions of words. To see a great video of Butlins’s Minehead Holiday Park, and its accommodaton and facilities click here

  2. stacey nash says:

    We have just come home from our very first break at Butlins Minehead (10th-14th May).We stayed at the lakeside caravan park on site and everything was included in the price.Our caravan was situated near the beautiful lake and every morning the ducks would be outside waiting for breakfast which the children found wonderful due to the ducks friendly nature.While there the children met all the characters that often walk around, but if you miss them you needn’t worry as there are many photo sittings during the day which are only £4.There is so much to do at butlins so the words “i’m bored” will never be heard from anyone,especially the children. There is plenty of entertainment in the nights too due to the many arena’s and clubs on site, children are welcome in all of them. To sum up the holiday, i would say its one of the best ive ever had and we will definately be returning, even when the children are grown up 🙂

  3. Imogen says:

    This park surprised me, I thought it would be corny and tacky, and I’m not afraid to say my judgements were completely wrong! It was such good value, and pretty much everything was included in the price! The accomodation was wonderful, and comfy, and every single day there was SO much to do, we just didn’t know where to begin!

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