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Rating: 8.1/10 (7 votes cast)

Beaches offer the perfect setting for a relaxing and activity filled holiday, so you can only imagine how beautiful it gets when the impressive landscaped Hopton holiday park is added into the mix. Every tourist, holidayer, and family loves basking in the sun around the stunning outdoor pool, playing in SplashZone, traipsing along the beach and enjoying all of the activities that are offered by the Hopton Holiday Park from Haven. Whether you and your family are into cycling, hiking, golfing, bowling, tennis, or any other outdoor activity, you are sure to find just what you need for an unforgettable holiday. This stunning destination is the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation thanks to the beautiful views, incredible sunsets, nightly events and shows, and a plethora of activities. Factor in the proximity to the Great Yarmouth and it is easy to see why the Hopton Holiday Park from Haven is at the top of every family’s wish list.

Whether you opt for lunch out of the park or want to enjoy the convenience of the Hopton Café Bar and Grill, your family is sure to love the variety of food and drinks that are offered each place that you go. Unwind after the meal with live music and dancing at the Showbar, a stroll on the beach, or choose from a number of night activities targeted at offering you the best holiday possible.

All in all, the park itself has more to offer than any family could imagine but it is the location that keeps people coming back for more. It is the perfect place to begin any journey and allows you to venture out to the Norfolk Broads and the Great Yarmouth within minutes. Needless to say, the Hopton Holiday Park from Haven is the place where infinite numbers of unforgettable holidays begin.

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Rating: 8.1/10 (7 votes cast)
Hopton Holiday Park, 8.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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Reviews for Hopton Holiday Park

  1. john reaser says:

    why make the showbar smaller when the park is getting wont be smiling when there are not enough looks crapper now.

  2. hp4u ~ Ian says:

    If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video will be in the millions of words. To see a great video of Haven’s Hopton Holiday Park, and its accommodaton and facilities click here

  3. jr says:

    i have gone to hopton since 1998 when the showbar was new and they have recently made it smaller which means you will not find a seat.come back british holidays!!!

  4. Ark says:

    The park is good,But haven have messed it up!The showbar has benn made smaller for a new bowling thing in 2011.The showbar is the pride and joy of hoptons guests.and i think this will pull the reputation down a little.In 5 years they will need a new showbar.If they have to make something smaller for a bowling area because theres no more room,God knows how they could build a new showbar!The park was owned by british holidays i think and it was run better.But the park itself is good.Well landscaped areas with good 24 hour security.

  5. Helen Styles says:

    I love this park alot,Very popular destination for uk holiday’s not one of those crappy butlins type 2 star holiday parks.Its a 5 star luxury well landscaped park with modern and upto date facilities,Like the arcades,Entertainment lounge (showbar)i have been coming to hopton since 1999 and i have always loved it.The only problem is my friend told me they have made the showbar smaller for some reason.I will have to see when i go back in 2011.GO ITS A EYE LOOKER,ANY FAMILIES WANT A GOOD QUALITY BREAK VISIT HOPTON AND GO FOR A PRESTIGE OR PLATINUM IF YOUR LOOKING FOR MORE LUXURY.
    You wont be dissapointed.

  6. JAC GILES says:

    We visited hopton in 2008,We liked it that much we brought a holiday home!and we only went the once.can you believe it!

  7. Sue David says:

    I would recommed hopton,And only hopton.Fab park,friendly staff,clean facilities and holiday homes.

  8. kimberly Kent says:

    My family have been visiting hopton since 1996 when british holidays first opened,the complex was smaller and the clubhouse was not in the same area.And then in 1997 they started building work on a new extention area where there was going to be a funshop,larger funworks,showbar,foodworks,bar area.We went back in 1998 when it was first opened and it was fab!!!new and modern.when we walked into the showbar we thought wow,they have made it to big!!Aprox.1.400 seats.We then went back every year and gradually it stated looking a mess and holes in pillars and webs hanging from 2010 they have made it smaller and crap!well you can blame haven for the mess.British Holidays will be turning in there grave!

  9. gillian revees says:

    we love hopton,but i agree with kimberly kent,they have made the complex a bad they cant restore it to it’s factory settings!!

  10. KAREN MOOREHEN says:


  11. KAREN MOOREHEN says:


  12. bill marbles says:

    i love hopton, as kimberly kent said,(my sister) in 1996 everything was newish, i guess the swimming pool area was left for a few years before british holidays could decide there holiday park would be based there. the first time we went we could not beleve it, so nice and clean. the only downside to going to hopton then was becuase beyond the doors going up to the showbar, funworks, foodworks nothing was there, so it was alot smaller. we then went back in 1998 and there was a big horses *** off a building. we thought new showbar, so we got out of the car and we could hear this women singing and hearing the air con rumbling outside. oh my we went in there and it was so bright and modern, spot lights all over the roof, curved stair cases, metal bars going up the stairs matching the inside of the showbar,it was great.

  13. Gilly Furguson says:

    I was a funstar at hopton about 11 years ago, I went back to visit and I could not beleive what they have done to the main complex. The showbar is small & everything looks like its been pushed towards the back. But the phases of the park are nice and landscaped.

  14. Cindy Magenett says:

    Well, from all the overly dramatic reviews, hopton have made the showbar bigger again! It looks exactly how it was a couple of year back so stop moaning people!

  15. Tom Gibdon says:

    Haven Hopton Holiday Village is a great all rounder for a little bit more of a quality holiday. It’s no Skegness resort!! The park is well landscaped and well not a piece of dirt or litter passed my way while walking the gigantic park that it is. My first trip to Hopton was in April of 2008 and I met the most professional funstars in the showbar. These were a big step to what you will find in their 5 years on from then. Ski, Witney and Carl where the funstars I met on my first trip and had to say the level of professional was 100% active. Now these little yellow coat “chavs” look like they have been kidnapped of the streets and forced to act like prats against there own will and intentions. Seriously Hopton have a magnificent showbar and all facilities are top notch but the comments on “bad entertainment” seem a little repetitive to me. That tells me they need a new entertainment or complex manager for 2014. I also hope to see the showbar back once again repetitive reviews on the only showbar being sized down so 2014 make the most of that room. The pics on trip advisor are older from 2008-9 so the showbar had a few changes since then. Anyone who makes a showbar smaller for a park building new phases needs their head examined. There is no logic in making lots of holiday makers squabble over the long bench found at the back of the showbar.

    Food is well priced in the boardwalk and drinks are not bad price wise. To be honest buy your own cases of beer and sit in the lovely holiday home as that’s what your paying for. Not to see a load of little chavy funstars pretending to be interested. Hopton have really lost it with the entertainment over the last couple of years.

    I do hope Haven take this seriously and stop walking past dry root. Where is your logic Haven???

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