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Rating: 5.8/10 (19 votes cast)

Sitting seaside, Heacham Beach holiday park near King’s Lynn, Norfolk is ideal for every ocean enthusiast. Spend your days lounging on the golden sands and working on your perfect tan, or take to the crashing waves for something more adventurous. Yet you don’t need to leave the terrace of Heacham Beach from Park Resorts to get your swim fix! The shimmering pool waters call to you to take a splash, or enjoy one of the many swim classes offered by a Park Resort’s instructor. The children can catch their thrills on the mini slide, and you can even take a snorkelling class!

Heacham Beach holiday park is very family friendly and provides entertainment for every age and personal preference.  When not in the pool, children will be kept occupied by Sparky’d Krew kid’s camp and delight in the playground’s slides and swings. Teens are never overlooked by Heachaam Beach from Park Resorts, and they too have their own array of activities that are designed with them in mind. Everyone can head to the lounge to test their skills at a game of pool or darts, and those more athletically inclined can take to a rousing bout of their own favourite sport on the sports field and court. Park Resorts always takes care to book the best in musical guests and shows for its guests. Whether you are in the mood for a cabaret show, a rock band, or even a costume character to grace the stage, you will not be disappointed.

Heacham Beach holiday park is nearby plenty of excellent places for a day trip. Of course the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary is filled with plenty of seal pups, otters, and penguins all waiting to put on a display for you. Extreme Adventure is one of the favourites among Heacham Beach from Park Resorts’ guests as it is filled with plenty of rope course for your swinging and climbing delight! Heading back Heacham Beach holiday park you will provided with the finest in accommodations. Unwind in one of the roomy static caravans fully furnished, and have everything you need attended to by one of the Park Resort’s friendly staff. Never short on excitement, but still offering you the chance to relax, this is an ideal destination for any holiday.

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Rating: 5.8/10 (19 votes cast)
Heacham Beach Holiday Park, 5.8 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

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  1. John Haslam says:

    Just returned from Heacham for a three night break. Caravan and contents dirty but not so bad that we complained.We took our two grandchildren and on the plus side they enjoyed the pool and the play area and Sparky. Shop very poor entertainment not as per schedule and nobody knew when it was happening.The childrens entertainment consisted of a wooden hut with a few crayons and drawing books. As it rained one day we took refuge in there staff tried their best but to say it was pathetic would be polite. No clear notices of when entertaiment was supposed to take place and when we asked nobody knew or seemed to care. At no point were we asked if we were happy or for any feedback. Probably frightened of the response.
    This is the first time we have had a uk holiday in a caravan for over 20 years and the park and van were not a patch on the continental sites we go to every year.
    Heacham used to be my home area so I knew what to expect but I would not return to this site ever and I was not impressed with Park Resorts either and would not recommend them to anybody. Such a shame.

  2. sparkies friend says:

    we holidayed last year at this appaling site
    the childrens club ran by two “coats” was never opened as they couldnt be bothered to open it and when they did they said they were only allowed to run it for half an hour,the clubroom ceiling is so low it is sweltering in their and the beer is so overpriced all the customers go to the pub down the road,
    make no mistake about it all they want is your money and sell boxes of cheap tatt to the kids every saturday,if you want a good family holiday go elsewhere

  3. Alice Goody says:

    Me and my family have been every year for 4 years we hire 2 caravans bronze because we have dogs,they are spectaculary clean! entertainment is amazing and the children are extatic about the yearly talent contests the staff are more than friendly except for the staff at the shop, that is the only dissapointment. the pool is big and bright, but could look at the timetable because we have to fit ourselfs around it, overall i would reccomend it too everyone there is something for all ages.

  4. Jamie Carson says:

    The old lady that works in the shop is horrible my children are scared to get us a paper because of her.

  5. hannah goody says:


  6. Hannah Goody says:

    im going heachem tommorow. it fab i have been every year for 4 years tommorow the 5th.
    we get a bronze caravan coz i have 2 dogs its so clean. id recomend it to everyone.i carnt wait to go . and im gonna do the talentshow this year.ijust wish
    the pool was open till later .apart from that its brilliantxx

  7. Alice Goody says:

    Why is everbody slagging heacham off? it might not be a 5 star hotel but still it has an unbeliveable amount of activities and entertainment the pool is clean and even the bronze caravans are clean and warm with all facilities on site.

  8. hi my name is debbie says:

    i am a owner of a carvan here at the park,there has been new inproments flower beds,childs play equiment and keeping the staff,we go and us the club house on a weekend and attend there event which are a good laugh,the lady in the shop is friendly but i dont think the gentleman is

  9. sarah says:

    we went to heacham couple of years ago and you might all slag it off but all staff are freindly the entertainment team were a good laugh the kids loved it , its close to home and the beach and a holiday is what you make it…. we shall be returning in august for a fun filled holiday ..

  10. Katherine says:

    Stayed at this resort for 5 Days and have no intention of going back there.Staff not helpful,complained twice about a faulty alarm and no one bothered to replace it so had to put up with it beeping constantly.Carpets in the Silver caravans filthy and even had a bag of mouldy bread rolls left from previous occupants.Heacham is lovely but would stay elsewhere next time.

  11. joan sheen says:

    hi me and my husband john worked at heacham lovely place and lovely owners they care for there park joan sheen miss you all x

  12. Mrs Parkinson says:

    We have just got back EARLY from our 5 day break at Heacham Park. We normally go to Haven sites but thought we would give Park Resorts a try (never again), The caravan was filthy with the sofa being ripped and all the sponge hanging out. We booked a Bronze as we took our dog but I think the kennel we normally put our dog in when we go away is of a better standard. The fridge smelt of fish and when we let the water out of the kitchen sink it filled up the shower tray. Entertainment awful. Slide in pool never open due to H & S and there being over 30 people in pool also shuts really early to open swim. Restaurant ran out of ketchup so we were advised of other places to eat (by th staff). Same man doing the bar, cooking food and waiting tables. Change machine in what they call amusements broken. Our Tv stopped working and that was final straw so we came home. I watched an eposide of undercover Boss about Park Resorts, I think Heacham needs a visit. Worst Holiday Park EVER!!

  13. paul says:

    We stayed at heacham for 5 days , We had to chase them up on the first night
    for bedding it was gone 11pm we then had to make up the beds ourselfs then the rude and quite frankly can’t be bothered staff followed by even ruder door staff all in all we will not be using park resorts ever again as for a nice meal out i would recomend the siver sands bar / diner on the north beach 10/10 for them .!!!

  14. Natasha says:

    i think park resorts is amazing and the staff are the best especially the food runner with brown hair 😉

  15. Bethany says:

    Stayed at heacham for a night, was booked for five days, but the filth of the caravan (which had what looked like poo stains on the bed)just put me off completely. i also disliked the unpatience of the staff, except this brown haired bombshell who made up for it.

  16. CHRIS JASPER says:

    Had a long week/end with the grandchildren and daughter-it was really dirty and smelled in the caravan – we were appalled by the standard. The site was dirty and a lot of dog mess around. An experience we would not want to repeat.
    It really seems a rip-off.
    The beach was great and we tried not to go back to the caravan untill we had to.

  17. sarah davis says:

    just came back loved norfolk but the entertainment was a joke staff very nice but place very run down was going to go to haven but heard park resorts was good infact havens cheaper caravan was rank footprints on shower floor smelt and the curtains was hanging off the rails sofas so dirty and swimming pool needs cleaning good job the weather was good because staying in that dump would of made me leave early i think park resorts should sort this run down park out i payed £469 for my holiday i cant see them giving me any money back i would never go there again and will advise people to stay away you will have a better stay in your local dump

  18. dad of 6 says:

    Heacham is the worst park resorts we have ever stayed on. The children’s entertainment was virtually non existant – paper and crayons.They didn’t want to do the evening cabaret beacause there weren’t many people there.
    We booked an 8 sleeper caravan and at 9pm found we didn’t have a double bed in the lounge. No one was available to sort the problem except the security guard and bar manager. We were told we would have to sleep on the floor!! After constant requesting we were eventually moved to a down grade caravan about midnight. The people who helped us were brilliant but it never should have happened in the first place.
    The shower floor was cracked- everytime you showered it emptied onto the kitchen floor.
    The food in the bar was very poor quality and horrendously overpriced – £3 for 3 small slices of garlic bread. Love hunstanton but won’t return to this park.

  19. phil rogers says:

    AWFUL! AWFUL ! This place was disgusting-caravan was filthy and cold with seating fabric worn out and stains on seating with stains on the mouldy.we complained but nothing was done.Staff were rude and one was aggressive.The food was disgusting and overpriced and my friend got ill as a result of eating there.The staff could not be bothered to do much-areas were badly littered and broken glass was dangerous especiallly for the kids.
    In reception there was a queue of people complaining and we heard loads of people saying how bad the place was.2 famililies simply went home early rather than stay here.DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE

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