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Rating: 6.3/10 (7 votes cast)

There are many different things that you will want to look for when planning a family holiday, and it can be hard to try and bring it all together at once. However, if you crave that getaway in an unforgettably beautiful location that hosts an array of events, attractions, and activities, then there is no need to look past Haggerston Castle Holiday Park from Haven.

Featuring 7 lakes, stunning gardens, never ending woodland, an array of flora and fauna, this 5 star park is the place where holiday dreams are turned into a reality. The award winning spot features anything and everything that an active family could ask for, with a variety of indoor activities for pampering and those rainy days as well. Add luxury spa treatments, boat trips across the lake, horseback riding, and two popular ShowBars and it is easier than ever to understand that Haggerston Castle Holiday Park is the place your family needs to be.

This stunning park is just a mile from an impressive beach and the Café Bar and Grill offers the perfect blend of food, fun, and music for any member of the family. If you crave even more than that then it is important to note that Northumberland is just a short stroll away. Either way, staying in the park or running around town is sure to help you build those everlasting memories for you and your family.

The wide range of entertainment options and activities, stylish atmosphere, pristine location, beautifully landscaped park, and unspoiled location on the coast of Northumberland ensure that Haggerston Castle Holiday Park is not just at top holiday spot, but a place that your children will back to never leave. To make the most of your family getaway, refuse to overlook what this Haven hotspot offers.

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Rating: 6.3/10 (7 votes cast)
Haggerston Castle Holiday Park , 6.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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Reviews for Haggerston Castle Holiday Park

  1. hp4u ~ Ian says:

    If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video will be in the millions of words. To see a great video of Haven’s Haggerston Castle Holiday Park, and its accommodaton and facilities click here

  2. Ed Connro says:

    Abondon hope all ye who enter here! Regretably, I found it less than ‘perfect for a family holiday in a ‘safe’ environment’ as the HAVEN web site declares, correspondingly I won (yes won, it was a battle!) a refund for the inconvenience, stress and anxiety as a result of my short break there. Short break? More like losing grip on reality!
    On a 4-day visit, I had to change caravans once, had a sleepless night because a carbon monoxide alarm sounding and my daughter got injured in a swimming pool accident. After this incident we learned that HAVEN do not have a statutory duty to provide first aid so they do not.
    So, if your aspirations for entertainment are limited to beer and crisps for the adults and slot machines for the kids, you will be entertained. If you don’t mind paying cash to get your cash from a cash machine you will like that too as most of the hire equipment calls for a cash deposit. If your in the habit of replacing the bed in your childrens room with some tables and chairs and eating your Chinese takeaway in the ‘newly created restaurant ambience’ – you’ll enjoy the on site Chinese restaurant. If, on the other hand you fancy half decent surroundings, use the restaurant at the golf course – but bring cash or your chq book – no debit or credit cards accepted.
    The ‘new for 2010 swimming complex’ is the ‘hi-de-hi old one’ with a lid and some additional changing rooms. Happy Camper – NOT!

  3. Battersby family says:

    We went in August and after a few teething problems with the caravan – tv not working, gas needing to be replaced and caravan in general state of not being very clean really – we had a good holiday visiting local places and using the activities which I thought were very good. My 8 year old tried fencing and climbing wall, my husband and daughter did the high ropes, we had a go at Archery and I went horse-riding at the on-site stables. I am glad we bought our bikes as we went for a cycle ride to Holy Island and we had a trip on the boat to the Farne Islands which are well worth it.

    We did go to the circus evening and the Magician which were very good but the room was crowded, hot and not many seats were available so we left as soon as the circus ended. It could do with air conditioning or a big fan in there. The only thing I was not keen on were the (very) loud amusement games, especially the Guitar Hero.

    The club (which I presume caters for 5-11s) was a bit babyish, there was supposed to be a nature walk but because it was drizzling slightly it was called off – why? kids don’t mind a bit of rain but they were discouraged saying they’d get flu/colds etc, no wonder a lot of children are getting fat these days if they are caged inside. Must be a Health and Safety thing.

    The Spar shop on site was well stocked and the staff were helpful, the Reception staff also very helpful and cheerful, when we phoned for the Gas they were very quick which we thought was good even though it should really have been replaced before we came.

    Would we go to a Haven site again? – I think I probably would but try another site. It was a little bit pricey (£700+ for a basic van) mind.

  4. wilson says:

    we have been to haggerston castle for 3 years with 3kids aged from 8-12 and we love i t especially the kids they have a great time mind you they spend alot of cash on the slot machines. overall we really enjoy it, but i do agree the big entertainment room c ould do with air con

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