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Rating: 1.6/10 (87 votes cast)

Set along some of the most stunning parts of the coast, Crimdon Dene holiday park in Hartlepool, Country Durham is a sight to behold. You will be urged to set off and explore the noted dunes and then take a relaxing lounge on the golden beaches to soak up the sun and be soothed by the crashing of the waves. When you are ready to cool off, take to the ocean for a dip, or even join in one of the snorkelling excursions hosted by Crimdon Dene from Park Resorts. If that isn’t enough, you can take a body boarding class or catch a thrill on a rafting ride. There is so much to do at Park Resorts that you are no doubt to keep yourself busy.

Crimdon Dene holiday park is perfect for visitors of every age and of every disposition. Children will be captivated by magic shows and story readings at Sparky’s Krew kid’s club and have even more fun taking a slide or swing on the playground. Teens staying at Park Resorts have the perfect chance to meet up with some of their peers over a game of darts, pool, or basketball. Even those aspiring fashion designers can put their skills to good use and put on a fashion show. Adults can head to the bar to witness some of the best in theatre and musical acts. Crimdon Dene from Park Resorts even hosts theme nights to put an added twist to all the festivities.

When you stay at Crimdon Dene holiday park, you can be sure to bet that you will be provided with all the best accommodations and amenities. The roomy static caravans are filled with comfortable furniture and fully equipped with fixtures and fittings. Yet, you won’t want to spend too much time away from all that is to be explored and experienced. Just outside of Crimdon Dene from Park Resorts is the historic Hartlepool to take to the streets and find the best in local shops and eateries.  Middlesbrough too is noted for its prime stores and high end finds. No matter what you do or what you see, a stay at Park Resorts is sure to be a memorable holiday retreat.

Address : Crimdon Dene Holiday Park, Coast Road, Blackhall Colliery, Nr Hartlepool, TS27 4BN

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Rating: 1.6/10 (87 votes cast)
Crimdon Dene Holiday Park, 1.6 out of 10 based on 87 ratings

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  1. Ree says:

    The worst experience of my life. We have a toured, on arrival at the site we were aloud to park anywhere of our choice on what I would call a dumping ground. The pitches were terribly uneven, water logged and really muddy. My husband grounded the car whilst trying to get on the pitch, which led to the wheels spinning making an even worse mess on the ground to which was already there, this couldn’t be helped as we were stuck. The so called grounds man/caretaker of the touring patch of land then proceeded to rant and rave in an appalling manor, unbelievably rude and very bad tempered.
    The touring pitches are situated right next to the club house, so the noise at night time from the music is really loud. The noise from the people leaving the club was horrendous, screaming and shouting, which security staff did nothing to stop. There were lads on scooters riding up and down the stretch of road next to the caravans from early evening and continuing all night until the club closed, so as you can imagine, sleep was minimal. The club house itself is very small. If you don’t get in there as soon as it opens you have no chance of a seat, although to be honest you wouldn’t want to go there anyway. Its smelly, dirty and dingy. The prices of drinks are terribly over priced and the entertainment was awful. I can’t comment on the food because we never tried it.
    There is a very small children’s play area on the touring area, although it was that water logged and muddy that the play things were filthy and inaccessible.
    The toilet/shower block was cleaned once a day. As soon as it was cleaned it would soon get mudded up again. The showers were dangerously hot, there were no temperature control and would only stay on for approx 10 seconds until you’d have to press the knob again. There was no dry area in the cubicle to dry yourself or to get dressed, and there was no mop and bucket provided to clean the area before you showered or when you’d finished.
    We booked a Bank Holiday break, Friday till Tuesday, we packed up our caravan and left on the Sunday morning, it was by far the worst site we’ve ever been to, ever.
    The best part of our break was leaving the site and driving home. I don’t suggest anyone to go there.

  2. Les Denwette says:

    We stayed here during school holidays in April 2013. It must rate as the worst holiday I have ever had. We booked a Gold Plus caravan at a cost of around £260 for four nights. When we arrived and opened the door, there was a very strong smell in the caravan which resembled wet dog.It also did not resemble the caravans in the brochure and was drab and dull, with curtains missing etc.It was too late to report it that night as reception was already closed. We reported this the following morning. The reception staff offered to get the carpets and upholstery shampooed, but said it would take at least 24 hours to dry. When i said what we do while waiting for the upholstery to dry, Stand in the middle of the floor, I was told” THAT’S UP TO YOU”
    We were told that they had only recently acquired this caravan , and perhaps the previous owner had had dogs.That would explain the strong smell . We decided to spend as little time in the caravan as possible.
    On the Wednesday night the television went off . We reported it but it still wasn’t fixed when we left on the Friday morning.
    When we got home i wrote a letter of complaint to Park Resorts customer Services, and I might as well have saved my time. They claimed i had been offered a full refund which was an outright Lie.They pretty much dismissed everything i said. They completely missed the point. The caravan should have been clean before it was let out, but to them it seemed that it was my tough luck.
    Don’t waste your money on this lot.

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