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Who wouldn’t love to have the choice between thrilling activities, exciting entertainment, the utmost in relaxation, and simply sitting back and enjoying one of the most beautiful settings in the UK? That is exactly what families and visitors get when they book a getaway to Craig Tara Holiday Park from Haven, This is a stunningly beautiful park full of thrilling facilities and set in an absolutely gorgeous location. Located just south of Ayr, this is a park that offers some of the most stunning sunset views that any family could wish to see in person.

All of your family members are sure to enjoy the choices between Wake n Shake sessions, the multiple level pool complex, waterslides and fumes, 9 hole golf course, exquisite café, and the fun filled ShowBar. Take in the sunset on its own, finish the day with a stroll along the beach or take a sunset bike ride and you will appreciate all that Craig Tara Holiday Park offers.

If you and your family crave more than that, then you are also going to love the park’s location right beside the scenic and stunning Ayrshire coastline. While the city is full of excitement and activities, it also offers a lot of open space, empty beaches, and a vast collection of history and culture. The mixture of attractions and activities as well as the relaxed and unspoiled atmosphere of the entire area make for the perfect setting for a family getaway.

Whether you are craving a weekend break, a week long holiday, or the pampering and relaxation that you and your family deserves, it can all begin at the Craig Tara Holiday Park from Haven. The UK comes alive in Craig Tara, and a trip here is something that your family is going to thank you for time and time again.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast)
Craig Tara Holiday Park , 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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