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Center Parcs at Longleat Forest is set in a incredible 400 acre forest,  packed full of wildlife. The vast array of nature is just waiting to be explored, with walks around the park designed to show you the best of the forest. If you’re not up for the long walk, you can hop on the land train which will take you all around Longleat Forest. The mix of nature and modern day activities makes Center Parcs a very popular place for UK holiday makers.


In the “village” you’ll be able to completely relax, the park has all the facilities and activities any child would need. It also has an OFSTED registered club for children aged 3 months to 7 years old called Time Out Clubs which are supervised by qualified nursery nurses so you can be sure that your children are well looked after. This club is perfect if you want to break away from the children for a few hours to enjoy the spa or go around the golf course. There are many other activities to enjoy here, there is a huge sports center where you can find a number of sports from table tennis to pool.

If cycling is your thing then Longleat forest is the perfect place to you, there are miles of cycling tracks to enjoy where you can explore nature as you ride through the forest. Following the cycling paths will lead you to a cafe where you can take a breather and get a cup of coffee. In the park you’ll also find a number of different restaurants too so no matter what your tastes you’ll find something perfect for you. The plaza is also filled with shops too for those of you who enjoy retails therapy. For the kids there is also a sub-tropical swimming pool which is both indoors and outdoors, many happy hours can be spent here.

Some of the other facilities at Longleat include swimming, tennis, vollyball, pony rides, bowling, fishing, windsurfing and even sailing.

In Longleat Forest there are 60 apartments and 638 villas to choose from, but with Center Parks having a 95% occupancy rate throughout the year you may have to book early to get the accommodation you want here. The rooms are usually very simple, clean and rather large which suits the average family perfectly. The cost of staying at Longleat Forest is very reasonable too, especially if you choose to stay in the cheaper comfort villas.

Center Parcs Longleat Forest is located in the Longleat estate and is very accessible from both road and rail. The nearest train station is Warminster which is just 3 miles away making a taxi to the park very cheat indeed. If travelling by car you’ll find Longleat Forest sign posted from the A362.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Center Parcs - Longleat Forest, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Tom says:

    We’ve been to Longleat a few times now, and had great fun every time. The pool and sports facilities were first class, and you have to spend a day at Longleat Safari Park just down the road from centerparks. The bike ride between the swimming pool complex and sports hall is quite steep and not suitable for younger children. My advice is to go on some bike rides on the flatter sections, enjoy the wildlife, and take the land train when you want to get up and down the hills!

  2. Ian says:

    Center Parcs Longleat is great fun, and will keep you busy from the moment you get there until the moment you leave. If you’re going on a 3 or 4 day break, get you’ll want to make the most of you time there, so plan ahead. Book your sports and restaurant reservations online and plan things properly!

    They don’t open the gates to the accommodation until around 3pm, and there’s always a queue to get in, so here’s what we do. Get to the park around 11am and check in at reception. Park your car and forget about getting into your accommodation. Grab the bags you pre-prepared for the day (kit for sports activities and swimming) and enjoy your day. They say you can’t use the pool until 2pm, but I’m not sure how this is checked. Do not queue up with the other sheep at 3pm! You’ll get frustrated in the traffic, and start your break the wrong way. Take it easy, your lodge isn’t going anywhere and you can unload later in the afternoon when you can park outside your lodge and not get caught in the mayhem that is arrival time.

    Once you’ve unloaded the car, it’s time to park the car back in the main car park. Do not be fooled into thinking this is a quick trip, especially if you’re the other side of the park. Put your bike back onto the car, drive to the car park and cycle back. Walking is not an option! Even better, co-ordinate the drive back with a trip to the main swimming complex. It’s quicker than going by bike or the train. Once the car is safely parked as per the no cars rule, you get to complain about all the muppets who leave their cars parked illegally.

    As for bikes, take your own if you can but not if it’s hugely expensive as they do get packed into the parking bays. Don’t forget to take decent bike locks, as bikes have been known to go missing.

    The center parcs supermarket at longleat is great but you’ll end up paying more than your local tesco or sainsburys. The best thing to do is take what you’ll need from home and buy bread, milk etc from the shop after you go swimming. You can easily spend loads on all the small things such as dishwasher tablets, washing liquid, dishcloth, ketchup, and mayo.Having to spend an hour shopping for food when you should be enjoying your weekend break is not what you signed up for, take it with you from home.

    Enjoy your holiday, we did!

  3. admin says:

    Almost forgot! Even though you have to be checked out by 10am, you can still use the facilities for the day, so make use of them. A morning swim, starbucks, follwed by a trip to Longleat Zoo is also a great way to finish off a holiday at Longleat Center Parcs.

  4. Carole says:

    Center Parcs at Longleat is just the best, we do not live far from this one and we have been going nearly every year for approx 10 years, now our children go with the grand children when ever they can and its the best break ever especially when you get to know how to make the most of your stay. We always take our own bikes and locks, it saves time when you go in and also gives you bikes for the whole of the last day, if you hire the bikes they have to be back by 10am for the next guests, this particular Center Parcs is very hilly so its really great for getting fit and makes it more of an adventure, if you have little children you can hire a trailer for the back of the bike and they love this being towed every where, its also good if it rains etc as it has a cover to keep them warm and dry. We take nearly all the basics for the villa to start with but the supermarket is so nice we can not help buying some of the lovely things they sell, they always keep just about anything you could possibly need.
    One thing we notice every year is that the staff are amazingly helpfull, and Center Parcs are always trying to improve its facilities and accomodation, we did have a villa one year that had a small leak but as soon as we reported this they were very helpful and apologetic, once you enter the grounds you could be anywhere, its like entering a relaxing zone and leaving is hard, some of the activities are exspensive but we tend to save up all year and do a couple of different things each time, but to be honest you can enjoy yourself just as much by just swimming, cyling and enjoying the enviroment, so many people go back over and over again, and why not, its clean, friendly and great fun.

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