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With an expansive pool complex one of its highlights, Camber Sands holiday park in Nr Rye, East Sussex is a prime spot for any holiday. There are four fully heated indoor pools for you to choose from, and even a water slide that is sure to delight the children, as well as the young at heart. There is even a spa and sauna for those looking for a bit of personal pampering, so no matter your preference, Camber Sands from Park Resorts is sure to deliver.

Park Resorts is nothing but family friendly, and with such there is plenty to do for every age group and disposition. Sports enthusiasts staying at Camber Sands holiday park will love taking to the sports court to pick up a rousing game of their favourite sport. The children will delight in the magic shows and storybook readings put on by the kid’s club hosted by Camber Sands from Park Resorts. And teens will appreciate the perfect opportunity to meet their fellow peers over a game of darts, pool, tennis, or even the virtual battle of the bands competition. There are further an array of different shows and musical acts always being put on with the constant booking from Park Resorts.  While being an attentive audience, you can share a most delectable meal at the Boathouse Restaurant, filled with all the best dishes to choose from.

Just outside of Camber Sands holiday park lies plenty of perfect day trip destinations. Head to MW Amusement Park filled with thrilling rides, a haunted train, and plenty of arcade games that are sure to delight those avid gamers. Or perhaps Smugglers Adventure is more up your all, as you can find adventure in the maze of tunnels reminiscent of past ages. For the more academically inclined minds staying at Camber Sands from Park Resorts, they will no doubt want to visit The Observatory Science Centre.

Upon returning back to Park Resorts you can be sure to be met with quality accommodation. Choose from either the roomy and fully furnished static caravans or perhaps a chalet, apartment, or bungalow for your lodgings. The attentive Park Resorts staff are always on hand should you have a special request. For both its amazing natural beauty found in its surroundings and wide range of activities, Camber Sands holiday park is sure to be a great place to spend your next holiday.

Address : Camber Sands Holiday Park, New Lydd Road, Camber, Near Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7RT
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Rating: 3.5/10 (11 votes cast)
Camber Sands Holiday Park, 3.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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  1. A. Goodhew says:

    Stayed with Park Resorts @ Camber from 21-30th August 2011 & can honestly say after many years of doing “holiday camp” hols with the kids – this was the WORST I’ve EVER encountered!

    We stayed in a chalet, so at least had a bit of space around us, unlike the caravans which are packed very closely together. Having said that – on Day Two I had to clear up a full black bin liner full of rubbish that had been dumped & “sea-gulled” – with all sorts of litter flying about outside our door… In the 10 day stay – saw a cleaner outside once. A lot of the chalets have been left to rot – so you are more or less staying in the middle of a derelict building site surrounded by boarded up chalets with smashed windows & some even have no roof! (Just GREAT environment for the kids to play in….. Hmmmmm)

    A theme which continues to the entire site – which is constantly dirty & has rubbish freely flying about.

    The “Boathouse” restuarant isn’t worth the wait… had one meal there that took over an hour to be served & was part boiling hot/part stone cold – so reckon the “chef” needs to get the microwave in sinc… Ordered my son a bowl of ice cream the next day & waited 90 minutes for it to turn up – with no apology for the delay (literally 3 scoops of ice cream & a wafer – like that takes 90 mins to prepare…) . Didn’t bother going there again.

    In both bars (the “Boathouse” & the main “Entertainment” bar) – the staff are slow & sultry! They really couldn’t care less whether they serve you or not & the average wait for a not too cheap beer (£3.05 a pint – £3.75 for a large glass of wine) was around 20 mins every round.

    Also wouldn’t recommend actually touching the bars themselves at all – they are disgusting. In 10 days didn’t see any of the bar staff actually wipe the bar surfaces at all – it was minging… Also regularly got stuck to the floor by the bar areas… Lovely when there’s so many children around.

    Don’t expect your table to be cleaned or your glasses to be cleared either; I started to take kitchen wipes out with us so we could at least have a clean table… If you don’t take your glasses back to the bar (& stand holding them for the 20 mins it takes to get served) – they will be left. Got to be a Health & Safety issue with the amount of kids in the main bar during the evenings – one kids knocks into a table & will be showered in glasses….

    The air conditioning in the main entertainments bar doesn’t work – & as I was told – hasn’t worked for some time now, so don’t take a cardigan. It gets HOT!

    Whilst we were there – both “Slush Puppy” machines in both the bars broke down & weren’t bothered to be repaired – so the only place to buy one was in the Fish bar, when it was open (see below!) = loads parents with screaming kids in tow lining up for simply ages to get served – all for a bleedin’ Slush Puppy!

    The “Fish Bar” is supposed to open at “12 midday”, “about 4-ish” & “when it likes” according to the staff we asked… No notices anywhere as to when this restuarants actual opening hours are… Have to say very reasonably priced food; when it’s open…. Don’t expect to be able to buy a kebab as advertised – until after 10pm (as NOT advertised…) There are only ever 2 staff in the Fish Bar, one serving & one cooking – apart from Saturdays, so expect yet another wait to be served. At least the staff there are far more jolly than at the bar & actually give you the impression that they WANT to serve you, as opposed to couldn’t giving a toss whther you get your drink or not (bars!) …..

    Best go home if you want the loo – as the public toilets are just as disgusting as the bar areas… most of the cubicles were “out of order” during our stay & the ones that were “working” probably should’ve been classed as “out of order.” There is a check-list notice in there that’s supposed to be filled in when the cleaner “checks” & “cleans” :- remained completely blank for our entire 10-day stay.

    Beware of the decking area outside the “Boathouse” bar/restuarant! Very slippery when wet – to the extent that one of the Entertainments team broke his wrist on it when I was there! You’ll also sit out there amongst someone else’s empty glasses, so will be plagued by wasps.

    Very nice to lay on a bouncy slide/castle-y-thing & trampolines (which are actually v good as totally enclosed so no risk of flying children) – however EACH ride = £1 per kid = 5 slides, OR 5 “goes” of the castle OR 5 mins of the trampolines – so if you have 2 as I do – that £6 everytime you venture up there for a total of 15 mins. Gets expensive. I’ve probably funded the “bouncy castle man”‘s pension for the next 20 years in the space of 10 days… Wouldn’t hurt to have a price overall for everything. Be careful of the big slide there too – my daughter ended up with 3 bad grazes on her back & my son cut his ankle on it – all in the one day!

    There’s also a hole in the wooden bridge on the children’s playground area (my son stuck his foot thro it & got stuck!) – & there’s only about 2 of the “street lights” thay have there that actually work, so as the evenings draw in – you can’t let the kids play there as it’s too dark & their lighting is non-existent.

    The on-site shop is priced much the same as the one along the road for food to be honest. But neither are cheap! £2.70 odd for a pack of 8 sausages & I paid £4.95 for 4 AA batteries… so stock up b4 you go. On-site they also don’t seem to have any postcards of Camber itself (??) but of anywhere else you can imagine… I recommend going to the gift shop next to the Castle pub along the road – they are lovely in there & have loads more to offer!

    Having said all that – the only 2 “saving graces” are the pool staff – who are really friendly & helpful (thanx for that guys) & the Entertainments Team do their very best to keep the kids entertained of an evening (probably to keep them away from tables full of empty glasses…) – in particular – “John-Boy” (wish I had 5 mins of his enthusiasm & energy)

    Overall tho’ – I really wouldn’t recommend this site at all & would say steer well clear unless some drastic improvements are made.

    I felt so strongly, that for the first time ever I have actually written to complain about the state of this site & so far have received a letter saying I will receive another letter once “the matters have been addressed”

    Camber Sands need to seriously pull it’s socks up.

  2. b.r. woodward says:

    stayed at park from the 16/4/11 till 17/4/11 we were booked to stay till 20/4/11 but from the start it was a disater,we had to wait 4 hours to book in then they gave us the most dirty caravan you could get,the smell was like somebody had passed away in it. the dirt was every where.i would not tell anybody to go there,it is the worst one off all the group,other camps are better than this one.

  3. Laurryy says:

    B.r Woodward… Sounds to me as though your just a fussy customer. You always get a few. Literally, wouldnt suprise me if you booked yourself in a low accomodation because your too tight to part with your money. Camber is fantastic, never had a bad holiday there. Every park has its problems, its only the whingey difficult customers feel as though they know everything and must highlight it all. Urgh.

  4. Gillian Griffin says:

    We enjoyed our short break at Camber Sands but were disappointed by the shower not working and having reported it and being told that someone would come and fix it nothing was done.

  5. Debbie Wheatley says:

    We have just returned from Camber Sands 4th July and on arrival the park looked clean and tidy. This can not be said about the “GOLD” caravan we had paid for. We had to get the cleaners and the maintenance men back twice on the first day to clean the caravan and to fit a light fitting and fix part of the vinyl wall which had fallen off. The receptionist was very apologetic but this still took me at least 2 hours to at least feel that the caravan was at the minimum cleaniness for my family. The park was clean and tidy but the chalets are old and looks like they are falling down. My son had part of a cupboard fall on his head and cut his eye which the first aider had to attend to. The cupboard had a sign on the door saying do not store things in there but the cupboard had the clothes airers, dust pan and brush etc all stored in the. The door lock was hanging off and the was completely removed when they fixed the cupboard correctly but still left him with a black eye.
    The bathroom in the caravan smelt of stale water and the carpets were filthy.

    I am sending a complaint to park resorts and also a claim against them for my sons eye.

    In our option this park could do with some money spent on it to bring somemore life into it.

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