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Bognor Regis 80s Weekend

Bognor Regis Ultimate 80s Big Weekend 7th October 2011

Relive your youth at the Ultimate 80s Big Weekend in Bognor Regis on the 7th October 2011. With headlining acts of Jaki Graham, Sonia, Nik Kershaw, Muscial Youth and a whole host of tribute acts such as Andrew Browning as George Michael, Complete Madness, Vogue Madonna Tribute, Sample Minds and Wham Bam Duran, it’s guaranteed to be a dance fest you’ll never forget.

Music isn’t the only fun thing on the menu at the Big Weekend in Bognor Regis, there are zip wires and high ropes that are 16 metres from the ground, a go-kart track, Splash Waterworld as well as a calming day spa, a man-made beach and stunning grounds to relax in. The Ocean Hotel in Bognor Regis is stunning and has spacious rooms, and fantastic views of the bay. For a three-night stay at the Ultimate 80s Big Weekend, you can get £80 off if you book today and there is the option for dinner, bed & breakfast too, which you can save even more off.

You can chill-out through the day, play sports in the hotel complex, take a plunge in the indoor pool and ready yourself to dance the night away listening to your favourite acts of the 80s. The Ultimate 80s Big Weekend is a terribly popular event so it’s even more important to book early and as it’s on the 7th October 2011,  there’s not much time left! It’s so much fun, you can dress up in your cheesy 80s outfits and enjoy the soothing sounds of Keith Harris & Friends or dance your socks off to Nik Kershaw’s The Riddle.

At the Big Weekend at Bognor Regis, the hotel offers the opportunity to unwind at the spa or party all day. With the 7th October fast approaching there isn’t much time left to secure a booking and relive those memories from the Ultimate 80s. If it’s sports, relaxation, sublime music and a fully-stocked bar and exquisite restaurant that you’re after, it’s a difficult weekend away to beat. Three nights and only £106 per person is a bargain wherever you go for a getaway break. The incredible headlining acts such as the rich and powerful voice of Jaki Graham and the timeless classic of Pass the Dutchie from Musical Youth, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

It’s huge fun with a huge entertainment factor at a low price and the fact the Ocean Hotel in Bognor Regis is modern and well-equipped, you’ll want for nothing. There is a beach and a cinema as well as pool tables and a lively bar area. Whether you’re a couple going to slow-dance to Sonia’s “You’ll Never Stop Loving Me From Loving You”, or go wild to George Michael songs on your hen-do, the Big Weekend on the 7th October is a guaranteed long weekend of fun.

Take advantage of the £80 discount for three nights at only £106pp at the 7th October Big Weekend and catch the Ultimate 80s pop and reggae bands do their thing.

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